How To Set Goals And Actually Achieve Them

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Setting Goals & How To Achieve Them This Time!

Do you set yourself New Years Resolutions? Or goals? If yes, have you actually achieved any of them? If no, then why on earth not?! How do you expect to succeed without even having a goal or a plan?

“Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail.”

I’ve ALWAYS set myself goals, I think it has come from growing up in the area I lived in as a child, around bullies, drug addicts and some very troubled people who haven’t got anywhere in life, it gave me a FIRE inside me to make sure I made something of myself. To be honest, if you’ve ever experienced or been around any kind of hardship, then I believe you actually have an advantage as you can use this to FIRE you up and drive you to succeed. There are lots of people out there who do not even know hardship and they have to work a lot harder to ignite that FIRE. I’ve met many people from all walks of life around the world and, in my personal experience, the ones from the tough backgrounds (I mean third world country tough) have succeeded more than the ones who were fed everything with a silver spoon. Maybe that’s because the people I know from tough backgrounds have HAD to succeed otherwise their families did not eat, whereas the people I know from wealthy families didn’t really have anything to lose in terms of everyday essentials. Whatever your situation and background, dig deep and find that FIRE!

How do you set ACHIEVABLE goals?

You need to have a formula/strategy to actually achieve your goals, there’s really no point in having a “goal” that is really vague, or not even that important to you deep down. Here’s my formula:

  2. Have HUGE goals that get you EXCITED!!!!
  3. Focus on THREE HUGE GOALS PER YEAR, at most. If you have too many, you make it too hard to keep motivated. It’s much better to achieve three huge goals per year than have started the journey to reach ten huge goals per year, but never actually finish the journey and achieve no goals, because you spread yourself too thin.
  4. Break those HUGE, EXCITING goals down in to smaller goals, then go even smaller!!
  5. Be REALISTIC, don’t set yourself a time limit of one month when you know deep down that the goal will take at least six months to achieve, that’s setting yourself up to fail, which will not only de-motivate you from that one goal, but could also de-motivate you from the rest of them.
  6. Set your PRIORITIES, this makes sure that if you only have a certain amount of time to spend on your goals one week, you won’t spread yourself thin and try to work towards them all, you’ll know which is most important and you can spend your limited time on the goal you have prioritised.
  7. Create a check list of all of the steps towards reaching your goals and TICK THEM OFF as you go along, looking back at the steps that have been ticked off will keep you motivated.

Use the SMART approach: smart goal, goal setting, goal achieving

But HOW do you actually achieve those “achievable” goals?

You might be a dab hand at setting goals, but when it comes to actually achieving your goals you can’t seem to figure out what the winning strategy is, a lot of the time procrastination or fear holds people back. This is EXACTLY how I achieve my goals:

  1. BE GRATEFUL FOR WHAT YOU HAVE JUST NOW AND BE RESPONSIBLE WITH IT! How can you be trusted with more if you’re irresponsible with what you have, or if you complain about what you have?
  2. COMMIT to your goal.
  3. Write your goal down!!! There is SO much power in actually getting your goal out of your head and on to paper, in your own handwriting!
  4. Once you’ve written your goal, write out your PLAN! Write a couple of strategies down and have a clear action plan, but be prepared to be flexible within your boundaries, too. Sometimes writing out your goal and your plan is enough to achieve it, without doing anything else, I often come across handwritten goals and plans of mine from years ago that make me light up, go all warm inside and feel proud of myself because I’ve achieved them. Your subconscious mind plays a bigger role in achieving your goals than you might first think.
  5. Write out your goals and plan in a POSITIVE way, replace “I want to” with “I WILL”.
  6. You should KEEP A TO-DO LIST every day. I write mine out before bed in preparation for the next day and email it to myself, it keeps me on track and organised but I also find that it helps me to sleep better because I don’t have everything I need to do the next day swirling around in my brain just in case I forget something.
  7. REWARD yourself every time you achieve one of your smaller than small goals!! It helps to keep you motivated.
  8. Know what motivates you. WHY are you doing it?
  9. Create a VISION BOARD.
  10. Make yourself ACCOUNTABLE. Get a mentor if you can, or tell your goals to your friends and family. You’ll get support and cheerleaders to help you on your journey and you’ll also get some people who criticise and ask “Have you done it yet?” – believe it or not, both types of characters will help you towards your goals in some way, just don’t share your goals with toxic people, that’s more headache than it’s worth.
  11. REFLECT on and RE-ASSESS the goals that you have committed to, as often as you feel you need to, at least quarterly, so every three months if your goal has a time limit of one year, once every 6 weeks if your goal has a time lime of six months, etc.

Push. Yourself! A comfortable goal will not create much growth at all, why be mediocre?

“Nothing worth having comes easy!”

Keep going because you deserve that amazing life you’ve always dreamed of!!

March to the beat of your own drum!

Kim Calera xX🙂

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