How To Be A Commercial Model

how to become a commercial model, how to be a commercial model

Commercial modeling

Contents: • What is commercial modeling? • Type of modeling assignments. • Short story of Kim’s terrible experience on contract in India. • How to be a commercial model (steps). • Commercial model requirements.

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As a model and model teacher I get asked how to be a commercial model on a daily basis and it recently got me thinking about how many people out there want to know how to be a commercial model but don’t really know who to ask, so I’ve written an article to help you in your goal of becoming a commercial model. I’ll cover the basics here, but if you want someone to actually physically help you to become a model then you should seriously consider enrolling on one of my online model courses or personal online/offline model coaching packages, this is where I can help you to become a successful model using my own modelling & entrepreneurship secrets, experience and extensive INDEPENDENT (I’m not tied to any one company) network of real modelling contacts. To register your interest in an online model course or a personal model coaching package click here.

What is commercial modeling?

Commercial modeling is basically advertising products and services using pretty girl-next-door models with nice smiles. Commercial modelling usually involves a bit of acting as well, which is something I’ve always found awesome, it’s exciting to be able to be modelling in a surgeons overall one day and in a police uniform the next day, then go back to being yourself after that. Commercial models tend to earn more than fashion models at the same level, but fashion models on a higher level earn considerably more. Your model salary in the commercial modelling industry will honestly depend on how good your character is, don’t make the mistake of thinking your looks will get you all of your modelling work, your looks get you the casting, your personality wins you the job 😉

Types of modelling assignments you should expect to receive as a commercial model are varied but you will find yourself doing a lot of print modeling for publications such as catalogues and magazines, lifestyle modelling which is where you act out every day scenes with your model family and pretend they are your real family, these could be people you know or have met before and they could also be complete strangers, so you need to be able to act to a certain degree in lifestyle modelling to make the scene look believable to the audience.

Here’s me and my wonderful Daughter commercial modelling in the Wolverhampton Wanderers Football Club clothing catalogue:

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One of the highest paying areas of commercial modelling is when you model on tv. As well as being paid for your time modelling, you’ll get a large “usage” buyout fee which is for the company to feature you on their tv commercial for a certain period of time and in certain countries as per their buyout contract. Commercial print modeling can also attract a buyout fee, it depends on how and where their publication is being used.

Being a model is tough work, but it can also be extremely rewarding!

A commercial model will be expected to be able to travel the world, sometimes at short notice, this is something I’ve always found exciting. Although I now have a young Daughter, so I choose not to take many of these assignments unless she can come with me, it’s just my season of Motherhood and I love spending time with her and teaching her everything 🙂 but if travelling around the world at short notice is something you’d rather not do from the beginning, you can still make an above average wage modelling in your country.

I would totally recommend travelling and modelling though – an on-stay contract in India was life changing for me, it really opened my eyes to how fortunate we are in developed countries, but also how much we lack in terms of character because of how fortunate we are. It might sound a bit strange but my contract in India brought me closer to my purpose in life 🙂 – For the record, the contract didn’t end well at all, my Indian agent stole my earnings and I ended up homeless, but I met some amazingly inspirational people in Mumbai & Bangalore and that experience shaped my life for the better – however, I don’t want you to have to go through the hassle I did, so make sure you have a mentor or manager looking out for you, whether that is me or someone else, especially if you go off to any country where authorities can just be paid off and bribes are common.

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How to be a commercial model

  1. The first step to becoming a commercial model is actually making sure you’re healthy, taking care of your body, your teeth, your skin, your hair and your nails. You cannot be a successful commercial model if you don’t take care of yourself, some fashion models have a “scruffy” look and that’s why they are booked – commercial models are always booked because they look well groomedfit and natural. Nice teeth are particularly important in commercial modeling.
  2. The second step I tell people when they ask me how to get into commercial modeling is get some model training under your belt and some natural snapshots in good lighting to take to commercial model agencies. Model training will not only help you to be confident and know what you are doing when you approach top commercial modeling agencies, but it will fast track your career to success as you won’t need to learn the modelling industry through trial and error and baby steps, if you get the best model guidance from a real successful model expert then you’ll be given all the tools and secrets to modelling success that she probably learned the hard way. I know I learned the hard way, if there were model teachers in the UK when I was a beginner model then I would have jumped at the chance of having more success, faster and with less headache. 🙂
  3. The third step is to get a model mentor. Having a good model mentor is actually more important than getting an agent. Your model mentor will be there throughout your career from the beginning and she will be able to support you with agencies, not many models stay with the same agency throughout their career, so should any issues with agencies occur, your model mentor will help you through it and help you to maintain your success throughout your career. If you choose a model mentor like me she will be able to help you with marketing a and treating your modelling career like a business (entrepreneurship). You gain more success if you don’t try to do it alone.
  4. The fourth step in becoming a commercial model is of course getting signed with a good commercial modeling agency, commercial model agencies can also often be referred to as lifestyle modeling agencies. To be honest, it is hard to get signed, but nothing worth having comes easy 😉 Aim for the top commercial modeling agencies first! Be careful not to get involved with scam model agencies and modeling scams. Click here to check out my How To Avoid Modeling Scams article for more information on modeling scams.

Commercial model requirements

Commercial model requirements are generally less strict than fashion model requirements. Sometimes commercial models can also be fashion models, but that all depends on your look. In commercial modelling requirements height is not as important as having the right look. To be a commercial model you do need to be photogenic of course and have a fabulous smile. You need to be able to work well with others, too. Height to be a model in commercial modeling can vary and you will see some commercial models who are 5ft 10ins, but you will see more commercial models who are around 5ft 4ins. In fact, some of the most successful commercial models are even shorter than that. This could be the best genre of modeling for short girls since there is no minimum height to be a model in the commercial modeling industry. A lot of commercial models are petite models too, because petite model requirements are quite similar to commercial model requirements. You might be surprised to hear that there is a lot of petite modeling work, especially in the UK, US and Asia, so if you’re one of the “good things come in small packages” clan, then petite modelling alongside commercial modelling could very well earn you big bucks 🙂

I can introduce you to the best commercial modeling agencies, but I’ll need to train you to the high standard that they expect first. Find out how to start commercial modeling today! Register your interest now for your complimentary chat by email/call/text to find out if it’s right for you.

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