Home Education doesn’t mean you’re stuck at home all day every day ☻


Home education
My 2 Year Old

Home education, to me, is about my children having the freedom from conformity and negativity. My children can follow their interests fully, without someone telling them they’re not good enough or that they have to go to university. Not one person is the same. Not everyone performs well in tests, I don’t believe in all the testing that goes on in school. I make learning fun, we go on adventures, we learn the fundamentals but we learn it through fun things – my little girl who is 2 and a half doesn’t even realise she’s learning English, mathematics, science, dance, drama, photography, web design, marketing, Japanese, Spanish, how to run a business, cooking and life skills that aren’t taught in schools such as budgeting, growing food, running a household, DIY, organisation, cleaning. She doesn’t realise because she’s having fun, she’s learning in her own style, she isn’t forced to try and learn in a way that confuses her and is then made feel inferior for not being able to, like so many people at schools in the UK are, unfortunately ☹. So many people comment on how emotionally intelligent, intelligent, kind and confident my little girl is – that’s not a coincidence, it’s to do with how she’s being brought up, everything is child-led in a positive environment. She’s going to be an amazing leader, in fact – she is already a better leader and more sensible than a lot of adults I know.


I understand that home education isn’t for everyone, but a frequent lie that’s passed about to put people off is that it is illegal. In the UK, it is perfectly legal. Providing an education for a child is a legal requirement, but going to school is not a legal requirement & thank God for that! It is illegal in some countries, which I think is such a shame! I’m all for choice.


Home education for my family is about having adventures, we’re going to world school once I’ve given birth to my second child – world schooling is essentially learning whilst travelling the world. I learnt more about myself and about life in the few months that I lived in India, than in the 14 years of school. I also learnt how to heal from the school experiences, so what’s the point in wasting all that time being broken and made to all be the same, when you can spend the same time embracing your strengths and weaknesses, following your purpose and becoming an amazing asset to the world?!

“It’s easier to build strong children, than to repair broken adults.”