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WINNER: Hammersmith and Fulham Heroes 2013 Entrepreneur Award winner Kim Calera, founder and previous owner of ethical jewellery company Calera Jewellery.

Hammersmith & Fulham Heroes 2013 Entrepreneur Award

I won this award and I’m very proud to have even been nominated for the Hammersmith & Fulham Heroes 2013 Entrepreneur Award and to have been up against such amazing business owners for the award with my previous business which was an ethical jewellery company called Calera Jewellery. Calera Jewellery empowered women in India to get out of the sex industry and in to work (hand making jewellery) as well as giving a percentage of all sales to a children’s orphanage in India which had touched my heart whilst I was on a modelling contract in India. This modelling contract also brought some challenges to me – my Indian agent stole my earnings and ordered me out of my model accommodation. I’m actually proud of the reason for this – I stood up to them trying to force us in to being slaves, working 12 hours + with little to no breaks in very high temperatures, no overtime payments. I was also the voice of the house (the other foreign girls could only speak their home language) and I voiced all concerns, including challenging the overly sexual behaviour of one of our drivers/photographers towards one of the girls. I had a fortunate escape – I kept in touch with the girls I stayed with and a few months after I left one of the girls I had stood up for was faced with something horrific – they told her to have sex with them or she would leave without her earnings as well. On the plane home (my London agent got my flight, thank God!) – facing homelessness after giving up everything in London to work in India, I made my decision to never have a boss again, to never be so vulnerable again. So, Calera Jewellery was conceived on the flight home from Mumbai, the designs took inspiration from India and Indian jewellery ā˜» I then sold the company when I had my first child, I couldn’t give it what it deserved.


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South Kesteven Pioneers Business Innovation Award 2015 Finalist: Kim Calera.

South Kesteven Pioneers Business Innovation Awards 2013

I am also proud to have made the final of the South Kesteven Pioneers Awards 2015, which celebrates business innovationĀ with roots in South Kesteven. I put myself forward for this one and I was SO nervous because I had to do a presentation on myself and my business… talking myself up is certainly not one of my strengths. with its online model course and published book was in the early stages at this time and Catwalk & Confidence was just offline catwalk and confidence training classes. Online modelling courses hadn’t been done at this point, so the business was innovative, now there are a few providers.