I’ve always had a love for writing!


Kim Calera model, Kim Calera model coach, how to be a model, how to become a model, modelling book, modeling courseWhen I was 11 years old, I wrote a poem called “My Dad in Heaven” that was published in a book collection of young writers in Scotland. I actually used to say I wanted to be a magazine agony aunt when I grew up – to combine my love for helping people, doing my bit to change the world for the better and to be able to write for a living. So, I’ve always loved writing. I remember I was always praised for my story writing, too.

I’m a person that has dreams, write plans to achieve them as goals and gets it done, not always instantly, of course, obstacles can always arise. It has always been a dream of mine to write a book to help people – so I wrote about my expertise in the modelling industry to help others get in to the industry safely, avoiding scams, avoiding the dangerous lifestyle a lot of models can get sucked in to and giving away some of the modelling success secrets that I’ve learnt from 2004. It has received good reviews, but most importantly the girls who have read my book have contacted me personally telling me how it has helped them – I’ve even had the pleasure to watch a few of them apply what’s in my book and get well on their way to success. This makes me so happy, for me it’s more about improving lives and being a positive influence in the world than making money, of course making good money is brilliant – but it’s definitely not my driving force behind everything I do.


You can get my book on Amazon at or feel free to contact me to buy one – I might even pop in a little hand written positive message ☻ My book is available on Kindle and in paperback form.